New Fall Pillow Released

I have sent out all of the fall pillows! Wahoo! I tried to keep them simple, with fall colors to calm your environment and make you want to curl up with a pumpkin spice latte, or whatever you drink in the fall. They’re simpler than some of the seasonal designs, but I have been hearing that’s what my customers want, so I hope you love them. Small felt leaves, purchased from an individual on etsy, sewn onto a medium weight canvas… lots of texture to add to your environment. They’re durable, festive, and always good quality.


Now that fall pillows are shipped out, I’m starting to work on a design for Christmas! Or winter… these will be shipped by the end of November. I usually wait to tour all the displays in stores and gather inspiration from there. I’m seeing lots of glittery silver and gold this year and even some unicorns. I’m thinking that may be a nice addition and very current, without being too trendy. I mean, unicorns aren’t going anywhere, right?

Love to you all! Reach out if you need me!